Sky Haven - Pigeon Removal - Las Vegas, NV

Pests don't just crawl out of the woodwork

They fly through the sky in the form of pigeons that roost on your roof or get stuck in your chimney or air ducts. Call Sky Haven today for a 24-hour response. Seniors and military personnel get 10% OFF.

Avoid animal cruelty, prevent disease

They might be cute, but pigeons can be disease carriers. Call today for permanent, humane pigeon removal followed by cleaning and disinfecting of previously infested areas.

Improve your air quality and reduce your chimney smoke

In addition to removing pigeons from your roofs, chimneys and air ducts we can also clean your air ducts and chimneys. You'll enjoy a better quality of indoor air once your air ducts are no longer spreading pollen, dust and other irritants and your chimney is no longer spewing too much smoke.

Get professional clean up for pest, chimney or air duct problems

  • Pest Control - Permanent, HUMANE pigeon removal, cleaning and disinfecting of infested areas
  • Air Duct Cleaning - Brushing, vacuuming of main air ducts and air conditioning units, including coils, fans and cabinets
  • Chimney Sweep - 25-point safety inspection, cleaning, vacuuming, brushing, and adjusting of cap, flue, and smoke chamber

Clean up your pest, chimney or air duct problems with professional service from Sky Haven. Call 702-732-8060 today to schedule service. Seniors and military personnel get 10% OFF.

24-Hour Response

10% Discount
Seniors & Military

Call 702-732-8060


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